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ElectricFish Announces New U.S. Patent

The patent covers the company's system for optimal site decisioning to balance grid resilience and EV charging demand with distributed energy resources. 



The Times They Are A-Changin'

ElectricFish embraces a radical future with upcoming product launch

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Power Outages Are Coming

How will data aid us in preventing and preparing for power outages?

In this post we explore the solutions and discuss CoReScore, the algorithm powering our solution.

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Hallmarks of a great Californian Summer!

Barbecues, Blackouts, and Blazing Fires!

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The Energy We Deserve

With electric vehicle adoption being dependent on both electricity supply and charging infrastructure, is it our chance to bring energy equity?

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EV Charging su*ks–especially for trucks!

Where do I charge my electric truck?

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Barriers to Electric Vehicles

By 2030, we expect the percentage of EV sales to grow to 30%, but barriers are still slowing down mainstream adoption.  Why wouldn't you buy an electric car?

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ElectricFish Receives U.S. Patent to Support its Clean Power Solution

The patent covers a unique hybrid energy storage system that delivers extreme-fast EV charging (XFC) and backup capacity for utilities.

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Earth Day 2050

Imagine if we get the electricity grid right.

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The Energy Grid Needs an Upgrade

What did the Texas blackouts reveal about America’s broken power grid?