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Electrical Systems Architect (Embedded/HPC)

Full Time (On-site)

Fremont, CA, USA

About the Company

Founded in December 2019 and incorporated in August 2020, ElectricFish Energy, Inc. (“ElectricFish”) is dedicated to bringing energy resilience to transportation. Our turnkey energy storage solutions provide flexible energy resources at sites to help electrify transportation and decarbonize without compromising the grid’s stability. At scale, our network of energy storage will serve as a decentralized ‘utility of the future’ prepared to meet the energy needs of EVs and a renewable powered grid.

About the Role

We want an experienced system engineer to work on the electrical architecture of our 350squared flagship product. Part of the Energy, Data & Charging system, this role will cover all the systems we need to go from system components sourcing, prototyping, up to production to support the pilots with 3 state governments.



  • Use software like Ansys for EMC testing on the systems

  • Near field probe testing on the initial DVTs (design validation units)

  • Optimizing the power flow, and segregation of all different assets to minimize cost, and make the system smaller

  • Participate in hardware development, design reviews, test plans, and hardware debugging

  • Build electrical engineering best practices during stages of hardware development.

  • Support Engineering to specify, recruit, and hire electrical engineers, co-ops, and interns.

Other duties include

  • Develop internal and external collaborations for accelerating timelines.

  • Co-author scientific papers and patent applications.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Bachelors or Master’s degree in electrical Engineering or Computer Science, with experience in distribution automation and planning, data analytics, and local microgrid operation.

  • Proven ability to program, analyze, and visualize control theory for planned and deployed assets.

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