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We are making extreme-fast electric vehicle charging accessible, without overpowering the grid.

Founded in 2019, ElectricFish is a climate tech company building distributed energy storage powered by software. ElectricFish’s patented, turnkey energy storage solutions bring unprecedented convenience to the EV charging experience while also supporting energy resilience in local communities, all with 100% renewable energy. 


We are experienced battery researchers, hardware engineers, energy scientists, creatives, and serial entrepreneurs with deep domain expertise and execution experience from leading organizations such as BMW, Oak Ridge National Lab, NASA, and Stanford. Our team has been recognized by a number of institutions, including Forbes 30 under 30. While our diverse team stems from different walks of life, we are uncompromisingly united in our mission to enabling a decarbonized, resilient, and equitable energy future all communities. Our humble yet mighty team is based in Fremont, CA. 

Our Impact

The transportation sector is the leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions globally, accounting for 24% of direct CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion.

The biggest culprits, with a 75% share of this, are road vehicles. Small-to-medium duty passenger road vehicles account for almost half of road emissions – a whopping 3.6 gigatons per year or a tenth of all global annual emissions. 

A clear pathway to decarbonizing transportation is by electrification or the use of clean fuels like hydrogen. However, the actual carbon mitigation impact of these alternatives depends on their lifecycle emissions intensities, which in the case of EVs, the emissions intensity of the electricity used as vehicular “fuel”. 

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Total U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Economic Sector

While EV deployment is gaining traction globally, penetration remains at an abysmal 2%, with the most commonly cited barriers to adoption being range anxiety along with easily accessible and equitably distributed charging infrastructure.

Furthermore, electric utilities are concerned about their ability to maintain grid reliability given huge power draws with the grid ties of status quo charging infrastructure from uncontrolled charging. Regulators and utilities could of course utilize time-of-use rate structures to manage this problem while accelerating deployment plans, but concerns remain about high retail electricity rates, especially with the disproportionate impact on lower-income, lower electricity consumption ratepayers.

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The ElectricFish product is a modular battery pack integrated with EV ultrafast chargers capable of delivering up to 350kW. These batteries, deployed at partner sites such as gas stations and convenience stores, create a network of distributed energy storage that is charged with guaranteed renewable power, delivering valuable utility and ISO services, including resource adequacy. 

The product also provides grid-friendly, accessible EV charging by supplying up to 100 miles in 10 minutes, in turn generating a new revenue stream for these enterprise customers through revenue-sharing and increased foot traffic. The availability of our network of energy storage resources is capable of providing both reliability and resilience-as-a-service to power our most vulnerable communities, particularly in times of public safety power shut-offs.

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