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EQUITY      |       RESILIENCE      |       IMPACT

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Energy equity will improve both public health and economic opportunity for everyone. Existing, outdated grid infrastructure is unable to address the reality of energy demand, and the underinvestment and lack of access to local energy-efficient distribution and transportation is causing long term problems for communities. With our network of decentralized energy distribution systems we can support the need for accelerated scaling of worldwide EV charging capacity, and help to mitigate the rising frequency of grid disruption events which leaves energy-disprivileged regions underserved when they need it most.

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By combining decentralized, distributed energy storage with the intelligence of our CoReScore™ siting algorithm, ElectricFish contributes to a cleaner, more reliable energy grid. Our microgrid-integrated chargers commit supplemental energy capacity in the areas that need it most, providing backup power from cost-effective renewable sources that bring both environmental and economic resilience to communities.

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ElectricFish brings a collective approach both to product, through the networked power of our storage and distribution units, and to the organization, by prioritizing the excellence of our products and services in order to generate value to the communities that we are a part of. Allied with our private and public sector partners, we aim for greater energy quality for all. Our solution significantly reduces permitting requirements and installation lead time, meaning we can accelerate EV charger deployment to get sustainable solutions to communities, quicker.

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